The allowed maximum number of standard pages (i. e. 1800 characters, including spaces) for a paper is up to 20, including notes and bibliography. The paper includes resume in English (up to 8–10 lines). Bibliography is based according to ČSN / ISO 690. Quotations from non-Czech non-fiction are to be translated to Czech, quotations from non-Czech fiction are to be presented both in Czech and originál.

Svět literatury also Publisher review of academic and scholarly books about literature and cultures; review must be published max. 2 years after publishing reviewed book.

Illustrative Examples of Standard License Agreements: 

​Czech Version
​English Version
​License agreement, license granted free of charge
  lic_nezam_bezupl_v10_CZ.docx lic_nezam_bezupl_v10_EN.docx
​​License agreement, license granted in exchange for a license fee
lic_nezam_upl_v10_CZ.docx lic_nezam_upl_v10_EN.docx
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