2016 (XXVI) 53

Issued: 04 / 2016
Publisher: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts Press
ISSN: 2336-6729

Heterocosmica II and Fictional Worlds Narrative Aspects

Concerning Heterocosmica II (Lubomír Doležel), p. 9

Fictional Worlds of Czech Postmodern Prose (Bohumi Fořt), p. 13

Lubomír Doležel on Postmodernism: Self-Disclosure and Contradiction as Moves in the Narrative Game (Petr Koťátko), p. 19

The Narrative Explanation in Eight Theses: The Outline of the Problém (Ondřej Sládek), p. 27

Theory of Fictional Worlds and Genology (Pavel Šidák), p. 38

Several Notes to the Developmental Tendencies in Modern Czech Narration (Jiří Koten), p. 47

Lubomír Doležel about the Novel Podobojí (Daniela Hodrová), p. 53

Kundera’s Novels Written in France (Aleš Haman), p. 56

On Fictional Worlds Ontology

Beyond a Fictional World: From Defamiliarization to Aesthetic Experience (David Skalický), p. 65

MaxwellʼS Demon: On the Usefulness of the Term “Fictional World” from a Neo-Pragmatic Point of View (Vladimír Papoušek), p. 83

Fictional Names, Fictional Entities and the Role Of Pretense: A Praise Of Abstinence (Petr Koťátko), p. 93

On John Deweyʼs Pragmatism and Wolfgang Iserʼs Literary Theory (Martin Kaplický), p. 102

Aspect of Identity in Russian and Ukrainian Culture

Two Forms of Russian Identity at the Beginning of the 20th Century (Vladimír Svatoň), p. 115

Politicum and Privatum: Different Representations of the Russian Documentary Drama (Romana Štorková Maliti), p. 125

Contemporary Ukrainian Literature in the Postcolonial Light: In the Works of Serhii Zhadan and Stepan Prociuk (Radana Merzová), p. 133


Russia and Religion (Dušan Lužný), p. 145

Another View on Literary Central Europe (Jana Pátková), p. 148

On the Sense of Publishing in Accordance with Grant Rules (Richard Olehla), p. 152

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