2016 (XXVI) 54

Issued: 11 / 2016
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336–6729
198 pages
The Interpretation of Modern Text
Things/Signs, Languages/Communication, Culture and The Costs of Consciousness: On Bottom-Up Construction of Cultural Values and New Humanism
(Emil Volek), p. 9-27
What does the rainbow tell?
(Martin Ritter), p. 28-35
The Sovereignty of the Surface
(Jakub Blecha), p. 36-51
“Thick Description” as a Method of Literary Theory?
(Jitka Paitlová), p. 52-64
The Lecture of Modern Work of Art
The Facture of Fracture
(Catherine Ébert Zeminová), p. 67-74
The Theme of a Beautiful Drowned Girl in the Poetry of German Expressionism
(Radek Malý), p. 75-84
Eros, Morfefos, Thanatos: Maurice Blanchot, Věra Linhartová, and Other Close-far Ones
(Veronika Košnarová), p. 90-106
Milan Kundera: La fête de l’insignifiance
(Dušan Prokop), p. 107-115
The Strategy of Ancient Centuries
Speaking About Love and Death: The Story of Tristan and Iseult as a Didactical Challenge
(Matouš Jaluška — Martin Šorm), p. 119-134
The Character of King Arthur as a Medium of Legitimization of Queen Elizabethʼs Policy
(Zdeňka Špiclová), p. 135-147
The Poetics of Profane Love in The Hagiography on Maria de Jesus Tomellin
(Katarína Zatlkajová), p. 148-155
Views and Documents
The Rainbow
(Walter Benjamin), p. 159-164
Hispanic Literature in Jiří Levý’s Czech Theories of Translation
(Miloslav Uličný), p. 165-173
In-between Spaces and Encourtes with the Other in Modern American Poetry
(Daniel Soukup), p. 177-181
Transformations of Germanness in Thoughts of German Intellectuals
(Iveta Tomáštíková), p. 182-185
Reflection on Conception of the Book Dějin ukrajinské kultury
(Tereza Chlaňová), p. 186-189
Eighteen Essayes on Memory and History
(Markéta Musilová), p. 190-198
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