2017 (XXVII) 55

Issued: 05 / 2017
Publisher: Faculty of Arts Press, Charles University
ISSN: 0862–8440
208 pages
Literature and Literariness
Chinese Literariness: Concept and Theme
(Oldřich Král), p. 9-21
Václav Černý and Structuralism
(Jiří Pelán), p. 22-45
Symbolism as Inspiration for the 20th Century: A Concept of a Cultural Paradigm
(Vladimír Svatoň), p. 46-56 
Modalities of Ostension
(Emil Volek), p. 57-63
The Seen and the Experienced
Goethe’s Italian Landscapes
(Zdeněk Hrbata), p. 67-82
Portuguese and Spanish Castaways of the 16th Century and their Accounts
(Jaroslava Marešová), p. 83-95
Los Angeles Logos: Literary Representation of the City-Frontier in Chicana/o Fiction
(Markéta Riebová), p. 96-105
Irony and the Distance of Prose
Mediality of the Absent Subject: The Aesthetics of Absence, Dia-narrative, and Postmodern Impulses in the “Empty Chair” by Richard Weiner
(Tomáš Jirsa), p. 109-131 
The Jewish Father — the Punishing God and the Wayward Son: The Conflict of Fathers and Sons in the German Literature
(Ingeborg Fialová Fürstová), p. 132-143
Digests and Documents
On Places in Poems
(Josef Hrdlička – Eliška Fulínová), p. 147-163
A Translation Genesis of Four of Shakespeare’s Sonnets
(Stanislav Rubáš), p. 164-185
Education in Good Taste
(Jiří Pelán), p. 189-193 
Her Gradual Appearances
(Josef Šebek), p. 194-197
From Humoresque to Radical Modernism: Jaroslav Hašek and his Fiction
(Zdeněk Ježek), p. 198-201
Beauty of Rome
(Petra Svobodová), p. 202-204
Cotton of Affect in Literary Text Tissue
(Julie Wittlichová), p. 205-208
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