2018 (XXVIII) 58

Issued: 11 / 2018
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336–6729
On the Way to Modern History
Laughter in Medieval Russian Literature?
(Jitka Komendová), p. 11-20
Holy Foolishness and Buffoonery: Two Facets of Carnival Laughter in Russian Culture
(Ivan Andrejevič Jesaulov), p. 21-28
“Indistinguished Space of Woman’s Will”: The Poetic Testament of Lady Mary Wroth
(Martina Kastnerová), p. 29-60
The Term “Conceit” in Elizabethan Literary Theory and the Scandal of Metaphysical Poetry
(Tomáš Jajtner), p. 61-73
Rationality as a Bridge Between the Sacred and the Profane Rotrou’s Le véritable Saint-Genest and Racine’s Esther
(Záviš Šuman), p. 74-84
Mechanics of Awe: The Horror Tales of German Romanticism
(Pavel Novotný), p. 85-99
Jaroslav Vrchlický’s Dantesque Short Story
(Jiří Hubáček), p. 100-112
Kundera Read Abroad
“Pauses” of the Narrator and the “Forbidden” Speech of the Storyteller in the Novels of Milan Kundera
(Xavier Galmiche), p. 115-122
Beginning of Kundera’s Work Reception in France
(Lenka Suchomelová), p. 123-140
In the Service of the Novel
Mario Vargas Llosa and Milan Kundera
(Dora Poláková), p. 141-148
The Joke: A Vision of Totalitarianism
(Laura Martínez Abarca), p. 149-154
What Good are Fictions for People?
(Daniel Soukup), p. 157-163
The Latticed World
(Milan Mašát), p. 164-165
As it is Alive: On Aesthetic Illusion in Art
(Martin Kaplický), p. 166-170
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