2019 (XXIX) 59

Issued: 04 / 2019
Publisher: Charles University, Faculty of Arts
ISSN: 2336–6729
192 pages
In memory of Vladimír Svatoň
p. 7-8
For Jiří Pechar’s Ninetieth Birthday
(Josef Fulka), p. 11-12
Intertextuality in Literary Work
The Intertextuality of Hrabal’s “Kain”
(Jiří Pelán), p. 15-21
The Autumn Songs (Toward Some Figures of Time in the Poetry of the 19th Century)
(Zdeněk Hrbata), p. 22-31
„For a Long Time I Would Go to Bed Early.“ To Find the Ideal Form of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time
(Jovanka Šotolová), p. 32-51
Cultural Translation: The Beginnings of Trans-Atlantic Studies
(Anna Housková), p. 52-63
The Signification of the Forbidden Word „Nègre“ in African Literatures Written in French
(Vojtěch Šarše), p. 64-73
“Hussards” Movement, Hegel and History
(Petr Kyloušek), p. 74-83
Novel and the History of the 20th Century
(Jean-Claude Eslin), p. 84-89
“The Rational Will (Perhaps) Become Real.”
(Eva Voldřichová Beránková, Katalin Bartha-Kovács), p. 90-106
On the Oniric Themes in the Works of Jean Anouilh
(Marie Voždová), p.  107-121
Desire and Sensuality in Philosophy
The Nature of Appearing Revisited
(Karel Novotný), p. 125-134
Affect and Exteriority: Sartrian Inspiration of Alain Robbe-Grillet
(Josef Fulka), p. 135-146
The Desire
(Renaud Barbaras), p. 147-156
Is a World without Animals Possible?
(Annabelle Dufourcq), p. 157-173
Marx’s Ontology of the Sensible
(Jan Bierhanzl), p. 174-180
Philosophy, Literary Criticism and Imagination in Jiří Pechar’s Thought
(Felix Borecký), p. 183-186
Seeking Stories in Poetry (and Poetry in Stories)
(Tomáš Jajtner), p. 187-189
Our French Poets
(Renáta Listíková), p. 190-192
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