2019 (XXIX) 60

Issued: 11 / 2019
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2336–6729
224 pages
redakce, p. 11-11
Jewish Sources of Pico’s Concept of Felicitas
Jan Herůfek, p. 15-33
St Aubyn’s Novel Saga as an Echo of Powell’s Dance to the Music of Time:
Beyond Personal Trauma
Ladislav Nagy, p. 34-42
Languages at the Seam of Cultures
Language as a Culture-Preserving Phenomenon
Monika Štefková, p. 45-54
Languages in Exile Poetry
Josef Hrdlička, p. 55-63
Henrik Ibsen and Peer Gynt between Bokmål and Nynorsk
Martin Humpál, p. 64-68
Wyzewa’s Wagner: Ideal of Unity Beyond the Frontiers
Záviš Šuman — Catherine Ébert-Zeminová, p. 69-82
Between the City and the Backlands: The Language of Brazilian Regionalism
Šárka Grauová, p. 83-88
Search for Beauty and Harmony in Hispano-American Modernism
Dora Poláková, p. 89-97
Pedro Henríquez Ureña: Spanish, Language of Many Cultures
Alice Lukešová, p. 98-102
Iyaric: Specific Contexts of the Rastafari Language
Lenka Philippová, p. 103-108
Arabizi — Arabic for the 21st Century?
Jitka Jeníková, p. 109-114
In Memoriam Vladimír Svatoň
Skaz and Zoshchenko
Hana Kosáková, p. 117-130
Angelo Maria Ripellino and the Year 1968
Jiří Pelán, p. 131-137
Texts by A. S. Pushkin as a Part of the St. Petersburg Element
Zdeněk Pechal, p. 138-144
From Aesthetics to the Poetics of Shimmering
Peter Zajac, p. 145-153
Toward the Deepest Connections. In Memoriam V. S.
Zdeněk Hrbata, p. 154-157
On Slavic Studies, Slavism and Slavic Literatures
Some Thoughts of V. Svatoň on the Topic
Marcel Černý, p. 158-168
Some Personal Notes on Vladimír Svatoň’s Hermeneutics
Marián Pčola, p. 169-170
Dragged out of Memory
Josef Dohnal, p. 171-173
The Fabula of One Story
Peter Michalovič, p. 174-176
Jiří Trávníček, p. 177-177
“… at the moment a polemics is starting up …”
Svatoň’s Reflections in His Letters to New York in 2002
Připravil Tomáš Glanc, p. 178-188
Meaninglessness and/or Senselessness
In Memory of Milan Jankovič
Jaroslav Mestek, p. 191-195
On Karel Novotný’s Essay “More Thoughts on Phenomena and the Nature of Appearing
Jiří Pechar, p. 196-197
A New Book on Faust. Goethe’s Hero as a Very Contemporary Symbol of Longing, Brokenness and Homelessness
Eva Blinková Pelánová, p. 201-203
Literary Traces of the Lost Past
Jakub Hromada, p. 204-206
Polish Thoughts on Czech Structuralism
Joanna Derdowska, p. 207-210
European Friendship of the Translators/Poets Fischer and Spire
Milena Fučíková, p. 211-213
The Endless Spaces of Human Memory
Klára Soukupová, p. 214-215
Dialogues with don Quijote
Paulína Šišmišová, p. 216-221
Like a Diamond: On the Many Facets of ‘We’ in Poetry
Ladislav Vít, p. 222-224
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