Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Svět literatury (SL) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, which aims at being the publishing platform for the comparative research in modern European and American literature, with outreach into other cultural areas, too. With regard to the highest standards of quality, the Editorial Board follows these publication ethics and malpractice prevention principles and upholds the standards of ethical behaviour and best practices with reference to core practices developed by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Duties of Authors

– it is the author’s responsibility that the work submitted for publication be entirely original;
– if previously published material is used in the work, it must be cited appropriately;
–  the author guarantees that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere;
– the author is responsible for citing all sources used in the preparation of the manuscript;
– guidelines for authors can be found here altogether with illustrative examples of prospective License Agreements with regard to the copyright and licensing matters (nevertheless the final agreement intended for signing shall always be provided to author by the Editorial Board)
No fees are charged for the manuscript submission, processing, and publication.
– the author will notify the editors, shall they be aware of any conflicts of interest.

Duties of the Editor-in-Chief

– the editor-in-chief is responsible for the evaluation of the submitted manuscripts and for the decision about their publication;
–  the editor-in-chief guarantees that all the information about the submitted manuscripts will remain confidential;
– shall the editor-in-chief be aware of any conflict of interest, they must notify the editors of SL;
– the editor guarantees a fair review process for every manuscript submitted for publication.

Duties of the Reviewers

Review Process
– the reviewers must guarantee the confidentiality of all information concerning the manuscripts submitted for publication;
– shall the reviewers be aware of any conflict of interest, they must notify the editors of SL;
– shall the reviewers be aware of any copyright infringement or plagiarism on the part of the author, they must notify the editor-in-chief;
– the reviewers are responsible for the objective evaluation of the submitted manuscript and must express the results of the evaluation clearly.

Identification, investigation and outcomes of unethical behaviour

– anyone can (and is encouraged to) report to the Editorial Board any suspicion of unethical behaviour at any time
–  sufficient information and proofs of reported misconduct should be provided to the Editorial Board in order for it to be able to reach its conclusion
– all reports of misconduct will be taken seriously and will lead to thorough scrutiny until a final conclusion is reached
– if the final conclusion reached by the Editorial Board is that the ethical misconduct took place then (with regard to gravity of the misconduct) the outcomes of this conclusion will be: informing the concerned parties about the nature of the misconduct, correction and if needed reporting the case and outcome to a higher authority for further investigation or action.

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