2018 (XXVIII) 57

Issued: 06 / 2018
Publisher: Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy
ISSN: 2336-6729
180 pages
Various Constellations of Modernity
Modern Literature in the Czech Newspapers around 1900: Contests, Functions, Strategies
(Dalibor Tureček), p. 9-21
Franz Kafka’s Five Friends, or, The Hidden Message of the Short Story „Fellowship“
(Jaroslav Březina), p. 22-36
The Principles of Futurism and Cubofuturism in the Early Poetry of V. V. Mayakovsky
(Jana Kitzlerová), p. 37-48
Adolescent Girl as a Protagonist in Contemporary Italian Novel Motif of Im-Maturity Exams
(Pavla Přívozníková), p. 49-58
The Mystery of Primitive Art: The Diary of “Helena Morley” and Elizabeth Bishop
(Mariana Machová), p. 59-67
The Tragic Destiny of an Individual in History
(Ladislav Nagy), p. 68-73
Philip Roth’s The Counterlife: an Outline of Interpretation
(Michal Sýkora), p. 74-86
Muslim Literature in the United States
(Karel Helman), p. 87-102
Diversity in Modern Literature — Discussion
Úvodní poznámka
p. 105
Universality and Singularity: Four Comments on Diversity
(Vladimír Svatoň), p. 106-111
Two Spaces, Two Eras: Racial Utopia of Euclides da Cunha
(Šárka Grauová), p. 112-118
Alfonso Reyes’s Concept of Harmonic Coexistence of Cultures in Hispanic America
(Alice Lukešová), p. 119-121
Little Black Face, You Will Become Roman!? Fascist Colonialism Between Sexism and Racism
(Alice Flemrová), p. 122-130
The Question of Race Through the Lens of the Directors of Fascist Propaganda
(Monika Červenková), p. 131-138
Borges: “I, a Jew”
(Anna Housková), p. 139-146
“The Bridge above the World”: Lyrism as a Form of Transculturation in J. M. Arguedas’s Work
(Tereza Kalkusová), p. 147-154
The Cultural Clash in Luis Sepúlveda’s Novel
(Roman Zaťko), p. 155-159
The Clash of Tradition and Modernity in the Arab World The Novel Voices by Sulayman Fayyad
(Jitka Jeníková), p. 160-164
Ancient Controversies & Permanent Returns
(Vladimír Svatoň), p. 167-169
Intermediality in the Russian Literature
(Jana Kitzlerová), p. 170-172
Fin de siècle on the „Periphery“ of the West
(Daniel Nemrava), p. 173-174
Poetics of Statistic Testing of Hypothese
(Michal Škrabal), p. 175-178
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